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wee sparks of inspiration

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Glints of inspiration for writing and all types of art
ArtSpark is about providing an idea, prompt, or "spark" to inspire creative writing and all types of art, which we hope you will want to share with the community.

Ideas we use are drawn from life, literature, and from the works of various contemporary artists, including Natalie Goldberg, Keri Smith, Danny Gregory, Deena Metzger, and Jeffrey Yamaguchi.

Ideas for future sparks can be submitted to the mods here. We'd love to have them, and we'll very likely use them, but please don't post them to the current community.

A running list of past sparks can be found here.

*** Feel free to post responses to ANY spark to the community at any time. ***

[Off-topic postings are likely to be unceremoniously deleted by a moderator. We don't promise not to be completely arbitrary about what we consider topical. This is not the appropriate venue to advertise items for sale. Ads for other communities may be allowed, at the discretion of the mods.]

Have a link you'd like to submit for the sidebar? Let us know.

Challenges specific to photography can be found at croc_sandwich For fairly random sharing of the miscellaneous, (poetry, links, puzzles, recipes...) you should visit our sister community scatteredjade.