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For ArtSpark #435

Artspark #436

Write a prayer or wish for peace - for world peace, or for peace in your land or your home or your heart.


Artspark #435

Choose a colour which suggests a particular emotion to you.  Create a visual representation of that emotion, using only variations on that colour (plus black and white if desired).

Artspark #434

Seasonal acrostic:
Write an acrostic poem with the first letters of each line spelling out either  "Autumn leaf" or "Spring buds".  If you're feeling brave, try a double acrostic, with both the first and last letters spelling out words.

For ArtSpark #432

In praise of heights.

The taller I stand, the more I can see.

High heels would let me look over the heads of the crowd; a stepladder or chair lets me discover the secrets lurking at the backs of tall cupboards.

From my top floor window I can see more of the streets around; from the top of Blackpool Tower I can see far out to sea.

And from such a height, I could maybe fly. Not fear of heights, but an almost irresistible urge to step out on to thin air and let it take me where it will.

For Artspark #433

So we'll go no more a-roving
So late into the night
Though the heart be still as loving
And the moon be still as bright

No more a roving

Artspark #433

Turn on your radio or put your mp3 player on random shuffle.  Take the first sentence or phrase of song lyric which really catches your attention and use it as the basis of visual art (painting, drawing, collage, sculpture...)

(Yes, two sparks in one day - I wanted a verbal and a visual one.)

Artspark #432

Take something which you fear, and write at least 100 positive words of prose or poetry about that thing.

For ArtSpark #431

Broken.  Make art - words or pictures - of something broken, shattered, damaged, destroyed.


Don't let the word fool you.
A heart does not break cleanly
(Snap and it's done) -
Each reluctant piece is torn away
Slowly and painfully,
At best, cut by a clumsy butcher
With a blunt knife.


There will be no new ArtSparks, for now, at least.

Maybe some time. Ask me again in a month, a year - I don't know.

Feel free to post responses to the old ones.

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ArtSpark is about providing an idea, prompt, or "spark" to inspire creative writing and all types of art, which we hope you will want to share with the community.

Ideas are drawn from life, literature, and from the works of various contemporary artists.

A running list of past sparks can be found here.

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